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Request for Resources

Important note: ZIH systems run Linux. Thus, for effective work, you should know your way around Linux based systems and the Bash Shell. Beginners can find a lot of tutorials on the internet.

Determine the Required CPU and GPU Hours

ZIH systems are focused on data-intensive computing. They are meant to be used for highly parallelized code. Please take that into account when migrating sequential code from a local machine to our HPC systems. To estimate your execution time when executing your previously sequential program in parallel, you can use Amdahl's law. Think in advance about the parallelization strategy for your project and how to effectively use HPC resources.

Available Software

Pre-installed software on our HPC systems is managed via modules. You can see the list of software that's already installed and accessible via modules. However, there are many different variants of these modules available. We have divided these into two different software environments: scs5 (for regular partitions) and ml (for the Machine Learning partition). Within each environment there are further dependencies and variants.