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HPC Support

Operation Status

Ulf Markwardt: 33640
Claudia Schmidt: 39833

Login and project application

Phone: 40000
Fax: 42328

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Difference: IntermediateArchive (r4 vs. r5)


  • Data will be stored in two copies on tape.
  • The bandwidth to this data is very limited. Hence, this file system must not be used directly as input or output for HPC jobs.

How to access the "Intermediate Archive"

For storing and restoring your data in/from the "Intermediate Archive" you can use the tool Datamover. To use the Datamover you have to login to Taurus (

Store data

dtcp -r / /archiv// # or
dtrsync -av / /archiv//

Restore data

dtcp -r /archiv// / # or
dtrsync -av /archiv// /


dtcp -r /scratch/rotscher/results /archiv/rotscher/ # or
dtrsync -av /scratch/rotscher/results /archiv/rotscher/results