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HPC Support

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Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV)

NICE DCV enables remote accessing OpenGL-3D-applications running on the server (taurus) using the server's GPUs.

Note that with the 2017 version, while there is still a separate client available, it is not necessary anymore - you can also use your (WebGL-capable) browser to connect to the DCV server. The standalone-client can be downloaded from:

How to use:
  1. Log in to via ssh
  2. Start interactive batch job on node taurusi2108 (that's the only node where DCV is installed, currently):
    > srun --pty --time=1:00:00 --gres=gpu:1 -w taurusi2108 bash -i
    ... <wait for job allocation>
  3. Create a DCV session in the interactive shell:
    > dcv create-session MySessionName
  4. (optional) Confirm your session has been successfully created:
    > dcv list-sessions
  5. From your local desktop PC, start your web-browser and connect to:
    • and accept the SSL certificate, SHA 256 fingerprint: 6D:7D:86:15:DF:64:22:86:21:D9:1D:F6:A9:AA:35:81:C3:CF:D9:97:21:A5:A6:34:86:05:31:76:F9:6B:81:B2
  6. Try it: open a terminal (right-click, "Console") and call "dcvgltest" to see if it runs.
    Start your OpenGL application...

  • you can close your sessions explicitly via "dcv close-session MySessionName". When all your jobs on the node are finished, SLURM will clean-up for you anyways, though.
  • you can create multiple sessions, but at least the browser-based client does not allow you to select one, it will always connect to the one started last