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HPC Support

Operation Status

Ulf Markwardt: 33640
Claudia Schmidt: 39833

Login and project application

Phone: 40000
Fax: 42328

Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV)

DCV enables remote accessing OpenGL-3D-applications running on the server (taurus) using the server's GPUs.


  1. Have access to the vpn-gateway vpn-zih-hpc. You can make an application by email to (this might only be necessary when accessing from outside the campus network).
  2. Install DCV Viewer locally (only untar). You can download it from or find a copy on Taurus under: /sw/taurus/tools/dcv


  1. Establish a connection to the vpn-gateway vpn-zih-hpc.
  2. Log in to
  3. Start interactive batch job on node taurusi2108 (that's the only node where DCV is installed):
    > srun --pty --time=1:00:00 --gres=gpu:1 -w taurusi2108 bash -l -i
    ... <wait for job allocation>
  4. Start vncserver in the interactive shell:
    > vncserver [-geometry width x height] (e.g vncserver -geometry 1910x1170 using a 1920x1200 display)
    --> answers:
    New desktop is taurusi2108:n (
    ("n" will be incremented over all vncservers running on the current node).
  5. On your local desktop PC, start niceviewer:
    1. Connect to (port is 5900 + the "n" from step 4, e.g. 5901 if n=1).
    2. Log in with your ZIH login
  6. Try it: Open a terminal in the gnome desktop and call "dcvtest", to check if it runs.
    Optionally you can open a console by Ctrl+Shift+F9 to adjust the quality (the default is very low).
    Start your OpenGL application...