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HPC for Data Analytics

This page is under construction.

With the HPC-DA system, the TU Dresden provides infrastructure for High-Performance Computing and Data Analytics (HPC-DA) for German researchers for computing projects with focus in one of the following areas:
  • machine learning scenarios for large systems
  • evaluation of various hardware settings for large machine learning problems, including accelerator and compute node configuration and memory technologies
  • processing of large amounts of data on highly parallel machine learning infrastructure.
Currently we offer 25 Mio core hours compute time per year for external computing projects. Computing projects have a duration of up to one year with the possibility of extensions, thus enabling projects to continue seamlessly. Applications for regular projects on HPC-DA can be submitted at any time via the online web-based submission and review system. The reviews of the applications are carried out by experts in their respective scientific fields. Applications are evaluated only according to their scientific excellence.

ZIH provides a portfolio of preinstalled applications and offers support for software installation/configuration of project-specific applications. In particular, we provide consulting services for all our users, and advise researchers on using the resources in an efficient way

HPC-DA Overview


Hardware Overview

File Systems and Object Storage

  • Lustre
  • BeeGFS
  • Quobyte
  • S3


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