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The PC farm Atlas is a heterogenous cluster based on multicore chips AMD Opteron 6274 ("Bulldozer"). The nodes are operated by the Linux operating system SuSE SLES 11 with a 2.6 kernel. Currently, the following hardware is installed:

CPUs AMD Opteron 6274
number of cores 5120
th. peak performance 45 TFlops
compute nodes 4-way nodes Saxonid with 64 cores
nodes with 64 GB RAM 48
nodes with 128 GB RAM 12
nodes with 512 GB RAM 8

Mars and Deimos users: Please read the migration hints.

All nodes share the HOME and /fastfs/ file system with our other HPC systems. Each node has 180 GB local disk space for scratch mounted on /tmp . The jobs for the compute nodes are scheduled by the PlatformLSF batch system from the login nodes .

A QDR Infiniband interconnect provides the communication and I/O infrastructure for low latency / high throughput data traffic.

Users with a login on the SGI Altix can access their home directory via NFS below the mount point /hpc_work.

CPU AMD Opteron 6274

Clock rate 2.2 GHz
cores 16
L1 data cache 16 KB per core
L1 instruction cache 64 KB shared in a module (i.e. 2 cores)
L2 cache 2 MB per module
L3 cache 12 MB total, 6 MB shared between 4 modules = 8 cores
FP units 1 per module (supports fused multiply-add)
th. peak performance 8.8 GFlops per core (w/o turbo)

The CPU belongs to the x86_64 family. Since it is fully capable of running x86-code, one should compare the performances of the 32 and 64 bit versions of the same code.

For more architectural details, see the AMD Bulldozer block diagram and topology of Atlas compute nodes.