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Ulf Markwardt: 33640
Claudia Schmidt: 39833

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is a cluster based on quadcore Intel Xeon CPUs. The nodes are operated by the Linux operating system SuSE SLES 11. Currently, the following hardware is installed:

CPUs Intel quadcore E5530
RAM per core 6 GB
Number of cores 512
total peak performance 4.9 TFLOPS
dual nodes 64

The jobs for the compute nodes are scheduled by the LoadLeveler batch system from the login node .


The cluster is based on dual-core Intel Xeon E5530 processor. One core has the following basic properties:

clock rate 2.4 GHz
Cores 4
Threads 8
Intel® Smart Cache 8MB
Intel® QPI Speed 5.86 GT/s
Max TDP 80 W


Compilers Version
Intel (C, C++, Fortran) 11.1.069
GNU 4.3.2
MKL 11.0.069
IPP 11.0.069
TBB 11.0.069
FFTW 2.1.5, 3.2.2
hypre 2.6.0b
Ansys 12.1
Comsol 3.4, 3.5, 3.5a
CP2K 2010may
Gaussian g09
GnuPlot 4.4.0
Gromacs 4.0.7
LAMMPS 2010may
NAMD 2.7b1
QuantumEspresso 4.1.3
Totalview Debugger 8.8

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