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  • After download you only have to choose the buttons for going on with the installation


  • If you have an icon of MobaXTerm on your desktop now open the program
  • If you don’t have this icon, search the program on your PC and open it
  • Before opening the program is unpacking the data
  • Then you get this window:

  • Now choose “session” on the upper left corner
  • Then choose "new session" and then “SSH”
  • Now fill in the full name of the remote host (e.g.: and tick all boxes clicked on the picture below
  • Then click “OK”
  • In the black window give your user name and password for the remote host
  • Now you see this window:

  • On the left you see the data from the remote host (home directory)
    (Please note: Sometimes it is necessary to tick the field "Follow terminal folder" to see the files.)
  • Now you can transfer your data between your PC and the remote host via drag and drop