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HPC Support

Operation Status

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Login and project application

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Information about the hardware

Detailed information on the currect HPC hardware can be found here.

Applying for Access to the System

Project and login application forms for taurus are available here.

Login to the System

Login to the system is available via ssh at

The RSA fingerprints of the Phase 2 Login nodes are:



You can find an list of fingerprints here.


The installation of the Message Passing Interface on Venus (SGI MPT) supports the MPI 2.2 standard (see man mpi ). There is no command like mpicc, instead you just have to use the "serial" compiler (e.g. icc, icpc, or ifort) and append -lmpi to the linker command line.

 % icc -o myprog -g -O2 -xHost myprog.c -lmpi 

  • C++ programmers: You need to link with both libraries: -lmpi++ -lmpi.
  • Fortran programmers: The MPI module is only provided for the Intel compiler and does not work with gfortran.

Please follow the following guidelines to run your parallel program using the batch system on Venus.

Batch system

Applications on an HPC system can not be run on the login node. They have to be submitted to compute nodes with dedicated resources for the user's job. Normally a job can be submitted with these data:
  • number of CPU cores,
  • requested CPU cores have to belong on one node (OpenMP programs) or can distributed (MPI),
  • memory per process,
  • maximum wall clock time (after reaching this limit the process is killed automatically),
  • files for redirection of output and error messages,
  • executable and command line parameters.

The batch sytem on Venus is Slurm. For general information on Slurm, please follow this link.

Submission of Parallel Jobs

The MPI library running on the UV is provided by SGI and highly optimized for the ccNUMA architecture of this machine.

On Venus, you can only submit jobs with a core number which is a multiple of 8 (a whole CPU chip and 128 GB RAM). Parallel jobs can be started like this:
 srun -n 16 a.out 

Please note: There are different MPI libraries on Taurus and Venus, so you have to compile the binaries specifically for their target.

File Systems

  • The large main memory on the system allows users to create ramdisks within their own jobs. The documentation on how to use these ramdisks can be found here.