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HPC Support

Operation Status

Ulf Markwardt: 33640
Claudia Schmidt: 39833

Login and project application

Phone: 40000
Fax: 42328

Graphically Accessing HPC Resources via UNICORE

The systems Taurus and Venus can both be accessed using the graphical rich client of UNICORE.

This client software can be downloaded by following this link and can be run on Linux, OSX, and Windows as long as there is a current Java runtime environment available.

In order to get acquainted with the functionality of UNICORE, we recommend watching some of the official video tutorials available here:

The complete documentation of the UNICORE Rich Client can be found here:

Configuring the client for ZIH access

1) Ask the service desk for UNICORE access (an Email to will suffice. Don't forget to mention your ZIH login name)

2) Download the appropriate version of the UNICORE Rich Client (URC) from the above mentioned address

3) Unpack it and execute the application

4) Use the following configuration options:

** Select "Unity" as the credential system

** Enter the Unity address:

** The username and password are the same you use to access other ZIH resources

** Select "Keystore" as the truststore of choice

** Download the Truststore file attached to this article and enter the path to where you saved this file on your computer. As password enter "truststore".

** Press finish and the client software will be started

5) Add a new Registry by right-clicking on the grid icon on the left. Use the following address:

6) You will be able to browse the ZIH resources on the left-side panel