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Application for Login and Resources

In order to use the ZIH systems installed at ZIH, a project application form has to be filled in. The HPC project manager should hold a professorship (university) or head a research group. You may also apply for a "Schnupperaccount" (trial account) for one year to find out if the machine is useful for your application.

Another possible use case is to request resources for a course.

To learn more about applying for a project or a course, check the following page:


Get Access without an existing ZIH Login

To use the resources, you need a valid ZIH login. To get a ZIH login and the access to HPC, please use the HPC login application form.

Get Access with a valid ZIH Login

When you have a valid ZIH login, there are two possibilities for you: Either the manager or administrator of a HPC project needs to add you as a member of this project via the manager view, or you have to apply for a project.

Acknowledgment in Publications

We kindly ask you to mention the HPC resource usage in the acknowledgment section of all publications that are based on granted HPC resources of the TU Dresden.

Acknowledgment Examples

We provide some acknowledgment examples that show you how to do that.