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ZIH HPC Documentation

This is the documentation of the HPC systems and services provided at TU Dresden/ZIH.

This documentation will be continuously updated, since we try to incorporate more information with increasing experience and with every question you ask us.

If the provided HPC systems and services helped to advance your research, please cite us. Why this is important and acknowledgment examples can be found in the section Acknowledgement.


The HPC team invites you to take part in the improvement of these pages by correcting or adding useful information. Your contributions are highly welcome!

The easiest way for you to contribute is to report issues via the GitLab issue tracking system. Please check for any already existing issue before submitting your issue in order to avoid duplicate issues.

Please also find out the other ways you could contribute in our guidelines how to contribute.


Non-documentation issues and requests need to be send to


Training and Courses

We offer a rich and colorful bouquet of courses from classical HPC introduction to various Performance Analysis and Machine Learning trainings. Please refer to the page Training Offers for a detailed overview of the courses and the respective dates at ZIH.

Furthermore, Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig offers various trainings with HPC focus. Current schedule and registration is available at the ScaDS.AI trainings page.