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Software Development and Tools

This section provides you with the basic knowledge and tools for software development on the ZIH systems. It will tell you:

Some hints that are helpful:

  • Stick to standards wherever possible, e.g. use the -std flag for GNU and Intel C/C++ compilers. Computers are short living creatures, migrating between platforms can be painful. In addition, running your code on different platforms greatly increases the reliably. You will find many bugs on one platform that never will be revealed on another.
  • Before and during performance tuning: Make sure that your code delivers the correct results.

Some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Given that a code is parallel, are the results independent from the numbers of threads or processes?
  • Have you ever run your Fortran code with array bound and subroutine argument checking (the -check all and -traceback flags for the Intel compilers)?
  • Have you checked that your code is not causing floating point exceptions?
  • Does your code work with a different link order of objects?
  • Have you made any assumptions regarding storage of data objects in memory?