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Transferring Files Between ZIH Systems

With the datamover, we provide a special data transfer machine for transferring data with best transfer speed between the filesystems of ZIH systems. The datamover machine is not accessible through SSH as it is dedicated to data transfers. To move or copy files from one filesystem to another filesystem, you have to use the following commands:

  • dtcp, dtls, dtmv, dtrm, dtrsync, dttar, and dtwget

These commands submit a batch job to the data transfer machines performing the selected command. Except the following options their syntax is the very same as the well-known shell commands without the prefix dt.

Additional Option Description
--account=ACCOUNT Assign data transfer job to specified account.
--blocking Do not return until the data transfer job is complete. (default for dtls)
--time=TIME Job time limit (default: 18 h).

Managing Transfer Jobs

There are the commands dtinfo, dtqueue, dtq, and dtcancel to manage your transfer commands and jobs.

  • dtinfo shows information about the nodes of the data transfer machine (like sinfo).
  • dtqueue and dtq show all your data transfer jobs (like squeue -u $USER).
  • dtcancel signals data transfer jobs (like scancel).

To identify the mount points of the different filesystems on the data transfer machine, use dtinfo. It shows an output like this:

ZIH system Local directory Directory on data transfer machine
Taurus /scratch/ws /scratch/ws
/ssd/ws /ssd/ws
/beegfs/global0/ws /beegfs/global0/ws
/warm_archive/ws /warm_archive/ws
/home /home
/projects /projects
Archive /archive
Group storage /grp/<group storage>

Usage of Datamover

Copying data from /beegfs/global0 to /projects filesystem.

marie@login$ dtcp -r /beegfs/global0/ws/marie-workdata/results /projects/p_marie/.

Moving data from /beegfs/global0 to /warm_archive filesystem.

marie@login$ dtmv /beegfs/global0/ws/marie-workdata/results /warm_archive/ws/marie-archive/.

Archive data from /beegfs/global0 to /archiv filesystem.

marie@login$ dttar -czf /archiv/p_marie/results.tgz /beegfs/global0/ws/marie-workdata/results


Do not generate files in the /archiv filesystem much larger that 500 GB!


The warm archive and the projects filesystem are not writable from within batch jobs. However, you can store the data in the warm_archive using the datamover.