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Linux Networx PC-Cluster Phobos (Outdated)¶


This page is deprecated! Phobos is a former system which was shut down on 1 November 2010.

Phobos is a cluster based on AMD Opteron CPUs. The nodes are operated by the Linux operating system SuSE SLES 9 with a 2.6 kernel. Currently, the following hardware is installed:

Component Count
CPUs AMD Opteron 248 (single core)
total peak performance 563.2 GFLOPS
Number of nodes 64 compute + 1 master
CPUs per node 2
RAM per node 4 GB

All nodes share a 4.4 TB SAN. Each node has additional local disk space mounted on /scratch. The jobs for the compute nodes are scheduled by a Platform LSF batch system running on the login node

Two separate InfiniBand networks (10 Gb/s) with low cascading switches provide the infrastructure for low latency / high throughput data traffic. An additional GB/Ethernetwork is used for control and service purposes.


Phobos is based on single-core AMD Opteron 248 processor. It has the following basic properties:

Component Count
clock rate 2.2 GHz
floating point units 2
peak performance 4.4 GFLOPS
L1 cache 2x64 kB
L2 cache 1 MB
memory bus 128 bit x 200 MHz

The CPU belongs to the x86_64 family. Although it is fully capable of running x86-code, one should always try to use 64-bit programs due to their potentially higher performance.