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Warm Archive

The warm archive is intended as a storage space for the duration of a running HPC project. It does not substitute a long-term archive, though.

This storage is best suited for large files (like tgzs of input data data or intermediate results).

The hardware consists of 20 storage nodes with a net capacity of 10 PiB on spinning disks. We have seen an total data rate of 50 GiB/s under benchmark conditions.

A project can apply for storage space in the warm archive. This is limited in capacity and duration.


As Filesystem

On ZIH systems, users can access the warm archive via workspaces). Although the lifetime is considerable long, please be aware that the data will be deleted as soon as the user's login expires.


These workspaces can only be written to from the login or export nodes. On all compute nodes, the warm archive is mounted read-only.


A limited S3 functionality is available.